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LabTrust LLC laboratory building..LabTrust LLC provides toxicology and medical laboratory testing services using the latest analytical equipment combined with people and processes to serve physicians, clinics, and rehabilitation centers with outstanding customer service.

We know you are in a difficult situation when dealing with narcotic prescriptions. On the one hand, you want to alleviate pain and improve your patients’ lives; on the other, you don’t want to facilitate an individual’s misuse, abuse, or selling of drugs.

LabTrust will give you the tools to aid in discovering the difference. When patients are non-compliant, you may explore their reasons, which may improve patient outcomes.

You, or a physician you know, may have experienced dealing with the regulatory and/or legal repercussions when a patient abuses, misuses, or sells their prescription drugs. Studies have found that up to 90% of the time doctors were unable to detect medication misuse. LabTrust can help minimize the practice’s liability by providing insight into a patient’s prescription compliance.

We pledge to listen to your needs and provide you with honest information to give you the services that meet the medical needs of your patients.

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