About Us

Lab Trust LLC provides toxicology and medical laboratory testing services to both protect our doctors and ensure patient safety and compliance. We do this by confirming whether the patient is taking their prescribed medication, taking any non-prescribed medications, or using illicit drugs which could pose serious health risks.


Lab Trust Is Accredited By The Joint Commission
Notice Regarding Patient Safety Concern

Lab Trust is committed to patient safety and providing quality laboratory services to our customers. If you have concerns about patient safety and/or the quality of care received from Lab Trust, please contact Lab Trust Management. Lab Trust Management will attempt to resolve the issues identified.

If, after reporting the condition, you feel that the situation has not been adequately addressed, you are encouraged to contact The Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610. Alternatively, you can send an email message to complaint@jointcommission.org.


Lab Trust is Accredited By the Joint Commission