Frequently Asked Questions on Toxicology Laboratory Services

Who pays for our services? Most insurance companies cover the cost. We handle all billing. We provide direct billing support to your patients.

May I do my own point-of-care testing? Yes. We will work with you on an individual basis to help identify services which best fit your needs.

Why send to a laboratory for confirmation when Point-of-Care testing is done? According to Robert Stephenson II, director at the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, “Point-of-Care” tests can have error rates as high as 30-40%.

Additionally, there are many tests that require testing on specific high-complexity laboratory equipment and the laboratory is able to perform complete specimen validity testing.

What is the report turnaround time? Most reports are available 48-72 hours after receiving the specimen.

How are specimens shipped? Specimens are sent via UPS. We provide all materials and pre-printed labels.

Will reports integrate with my EMR? Yes. You have the option to submit requisitions and retrieve results via our secured web-based system.  We also have HL7 interfaces available for reporting results to you for Meaningful Use qualification.

How do I get reports? Reports can be sent via fax or retrieved on our secured web-based system. Information is sent directly to you or to staff designated by you.

How do I get supplies? We take care of all of the supplies and shipping needs. Our convenient supply re-order system allows you to request additional supplies through your Account Manager, fax, phone, e-mail, or on our website.

How does Lab Trust handle uninsured or self-pay patients? We work with your uninsured and self-pay patients to allow access to high quality services at a fair price.

What if I have questions about my results? Our toxicologists are always willing to assist you with result interpretations.

How do you know if a patient is trying to “cheat” a urine test?
There are many products available on the internet to help individuals produce a negative drug test result after drug use. Most of these systems produce oxidants in the urine as a way of modifying the chemical structure of a drug. Lab Trust’s validity testing tests oxidants levels to help identify adulteration.


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