According to a recent national study, 75% of patients in the study may not be taking their medications in a manner consistent with the prescribed regimen.1 There are many reasons why patients do not follow prescribed medication regimen including:

  • Fear of addiction
  • Side effects
  • Cost
  • Lack of understanding
  • Medication diversion – intentionally or unintentionally

A physician needs to be sure their patients are taking their medications as prescribed. Lab Trust focuses on screening and quantitative testing for medication monitoring and illegal drug testing. Our accurate laboratory results allow you to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the care of your patients.

Medication Monitoring
Medication Monitoring allows you to determine:

  • Is your patient taking their medications as prescribed?
  • Are they taking undisclosed prescriptions?
  • Are there unknown drugs which increase the risk of negative drug interactions?
  • Drug Testing – Identifies if a patient is taking an illegal substance.

Lab Trust’s Services

  • Improves patient safety and improves treatment outcomes.
  • Reduces practice liability and provides documentation in the event of regulatory audits and/or legal actions.
  • Discourages Doctor-Shopping.
  • Helps identify patients with addiction co-morbidities.
  • Helps identify patients who are at risk for misuse, abuse or diverting their prescription medications.
  • Easy to read reports are generally available 48-72 hours after receiving the specimens.

Lab Trust is a CLIA Certified Laboratory